Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Online Resources: Yahoo Groups

The following is a list of some Yahoo groups that might be of interest to folks looking for support for natural family living in or around Northern Virginia.
Slightly updated 6/09 from original 9/08 posting.

Northern Virginia Families for Natural Living
This is a great site with lots of wonderful, knowledgeable folks and useful databases. Ask anything from questions about farm food, detox protocols, safe mattresses -- you name it.

Attachment Parenting International Northern Virginia Chapter
This Yahoo group is closed to the public, I believe (as in not searchable, or you need an invitation to join). If you can't access this page to request an invitation, email Mary Rose Burke at

Babywearing in DC/MD/VA
This group has regular meetings. The lists are only for meeting times/dates.

BirthCare and Women's Health
List for clients of freestanding birth center in Alexandria

DC Cloth Diaperers
Info and occasional meetups

DC Feminist Moms
Discussing the politics of motherhood (not necessarily crunchy, but I figure there might be crossover appeal, and it's a new list, so I thought I'd add!)

DC Green Mommies
Info sharing

Support, occasional meetings

Northern Virginia Coconut Coop
A buying club for Tropical Traditions and Wilderness Family Naturals products

Holistic Moms Network

Parents interested in natural family living and mindful parenting can find a home in Holistic Moms Network. There are two chapters in Northern Virginia, one chapter in Annapolis, and a chapter starting up in September 2009 in DC. Meetings are open to members and first-time visitors interested in checking out the group. Members have access to a national email loop that is a fabulous resource with moms around the country and in Canada. Each chapter also has its own email group for exchanging resources, coordinating playgroups, etc. Become a member at

The Arlington/Alexandria chapter meets the third Thursday of the month in the evening. Check out their official website at and see the chapter blog at for updates from meetings. For inquiries, contact leader Jessica at - holisticmomsarlalex (at) gmail (dot) com

The Northern Virginia HMN chapter meets the first Tuesday of the month in the evening, in Fairfax. See their blog at and contact leaders Alexa and Laurie at

Both chapters are on Facebook Groups.

The national web site for the Holistic Moms Network is

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I recently was emailing with a woman moving to Northern Virginia from Seattle. She was concerned about the availability of natural family living and alternative health resources. I told her I'd put together some info for her and then realized I might as well share it with the public. What I'm listing here, unless otherwise noted, are resources I have personally found to be useful or ones that have been highly recommended by folks I know and trust. This project will never be "done," but I'll do my best to make it useful!